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  1. Got it, seems I need to create a new account, I'm a bit confused as it's a different login to this one.
  2. I get the message invalid username or invalid email when I try to reconnect after the update. I know they are the correct username or email as they are stored in 1Password and I am logged in here OK
  3. Thanks, the latest update seems to stop the 410s from appearing in the 404 monitor BUT they still return a 404 page to the viewer. (although I think the server header is 410need to do a bit more testing For example here is a 410 redirected via .htaccess https://tamingthesaxophone.com/test-videos And the site shows a 410 in the browser This is a 410 redirect via Rankmath: https://tamingthesaxophone.com/paperface The site shows a 404 in the browser, but check the server header is actually a 410 See: http://tools.seobook.com/server-header-checker/?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftamingthesaxophone.com%2Fpaperface&useragent=8&protocol=11
  4. All fixed now with latest update to Classic press
  5. I would like to see list of all pages that have no index? Is this possible. Not, then I'd like to please add it to my suggestion of a list for rel=canonical pages here: Thanks!
  6. Do you mean pass it on to ClassicPress, anyone specifically?
  7. Hi I have reuploaded all the files and I get the same issue. So far the only fix that works is the code suggested by Classic press which I linked in this post
  8. Many thanks for considering this and for the link to that tool. However I don't think it quite does what I mean, for example my site has about 300 pages. I can't remember which ones have rel=canonical edited so I would like to just see which pages on the site have the edited links. It would be exactly like your redirect list, ie a list of all edited canonicals on the site.
  9. Is it possible to do this with Rank math. If so I can't find it. I have recently switched from Yoast, and had this option activated, so there are backlinks and that now get a 404 For example say I have a category called instruments, the default URL is https//example.com/category/instruments But due to the previous Yoast stripping of /category/ I am getting errors from backlinks and crawlers that are looking for this category archive without the /category/ https//example.com/instruments Thanks!
  10. I didn't think it is currently possible so here is a suggestion. I would like to be able to easily see all pages that have a rel=canonical that has been changed from default. Perhaps either a dedicated page with a list, or viewable in a column in the page /posts list. What do you think?
  11. I have done that test. With all plugins disabled in Health Check (except rank math) and theme disabled, the issue still happens. EDIT: PS: thanks for introducing me to the Health Check plugin, that looks very useful
  12. That's great, I think CP are looking into it too so between you I'm sure there will be a happy conclusion!
  13. Not just is it the wrong forum, but you seem to have hijacked my thread in the RankMath forum.
  14. What has this got to do with my thread about connect to the account?
  15. I should hope not, it contains my confidential data! It's OK, I found the debug log and have added that NB: I have since discovered some code that ClassicPress provided that seems like it will fix this: See here: https://forums.classicpress.net/t/is-yoast-toast/685/54?u=voodoochill Adding the code to functions.php does not work (just causes blank website) but adding it to temp-useragent-fix.php does work EDIT: found out it does also work in functions.php also However this does leave the question, should this be something that ClassicPress addresses or that Randkmath addresses?
  16. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  17. Ah OK, I didn't; see that error when I try, it is quite hidden away. Can you fix it so it doesn't do that and connects instead.
  18. I don't understand what you mean, I don't get that warning. All I get is try to connect and nothing happens, just goes back to the connect your account form, no warning.
  19. That reply was after I had reverted back to WP I have now reinstalled CP and the issue is still there, I cannot connect the rank math plugin to my account here.
  20. No it isn't the Classic Editor plugin, it is the Wordpress fork, ClassicPress (which I had been told that you support) See: https://www.classicpress.net Many people who are not happy with WP 5 and Gutenberg are switching to CP, and there is a lot of discussion on their forums about plugins that will support it. See: https://forums.classicpress.net/t/is-yoast-toast/685/52 I have now switched back to CP so hopefully you can see the issue.
  21. OK, so can you confirm this aspect of the plugin does not work with Classicpress? I think this would be useful info for people who want to move over to Classicpress, that if your plugin doesn't actually work with CP, it's important to know. I would like to know before it's too late to revert to Yoast which does still work with CP (for now anyway)
  22. See my posts above. Did you read them? It was not working then when I initially reported but, as I said now after reverting to WP it is. It seems to be an issue with Classic press, which is supposed to be supported, are you able to comment on that please?
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