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  1. Got it, seems I need to create a new account, I'm a bit confused as it's a different login to this one.
  2. I get the message invalid username or invalid email when I try to reconnect after the update. I know they are the correct username or email as they are stored in 1Password and I am logged in here OK
  3. Thanks, the latest update seems to stop the 410s from appearing in the 404 monitor BUT they still return a 404 page to the viewer. (although I think the server header is 410need to do a bit more testing For example here is a 410 redirected via .htaccess https://tamingthesaxophone.com/test-videos And the site shows a 410 in the browser This is a 410 redirect via Rankmath: https://tamingthesaxophone.com/paperface The site shows a 404 in the browser, but check the server header is actually a 410 See: http://tools.seobook.com/server-header-checker/?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftamingthesaxophone.com%2Fpaperface&useragent=8&protocol=11
  4. All fixed now with latest update to Classic press
  5. I would like to see list of all pages that have no index? Is this possible. Not, then I'd like to please add it to my suggestion of a list for rel=canonical pages here: Thanks!
  6. Do you mean pass it on to ClassicPress, anyone specifically?
  7. Hi I have reuploaded all the files and I get the same issue. So far the only fix that works is the code suggested by Classic press which I linked in this post
  8. Many thanks for considering this and for the link to that tool. However I don't think it quite does what I mean, for example my site has about 300 pages. I can't remember which ones have rel=canonical edited so I would like to just see which pages on the site have the edited links. It would be exactly like your redirect list, ie a list of all edited canonicals on the site.
  9. Is it possible to do this with Rank math. If so I can't find it. I have recently switched from Yoast, and had this option activated, so there are backlinks and that now get a 404 For example say I have a category called instruments, the default URL is https//example.com/category/instruments But due to the previous Yoast stripping of /category/ I am getting errors from backlinks and crawlers that are looking for this category archive without the /category/ https//example.com/instruments Thanks!
  10. I didn't think it is currently possible so here is a suggestion. I would like to be able to easily see all pages that have a rel=canonical that has been changed from default. Perhaps either a dedicated page with a list, or viewable in a column in the page /posts list. What do you think?
  11. I have done that test. With all plugins disabled in Health Check (except rank math) and theme disabled, the issue still happens. EDIT: PS: thanks for introducing me to the Health Check plugin, that looks very useful
  12. That's great, I think CP are looking into it too so between you I'm sure there will be a happy conclusion!
  13. Not just is it the wrong forum, but you seem to have hijacked my thread in the RankMath forum.
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