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  1. When we use a Focus keyword, is it just for analysing the post, or does it add anything to the page html code for search engines?
  2. Hello, I am still seeing the redirections, didn't delete earlier as you might look into them. Should I delete them? I did nothing to produce them. Noticed them first when my homepage was being redirected to a particular post. Checked all posibilities and remembered that the only plugin on my site that can the redirections feature and checked RankMath. Deleted them at once. Again today saw four redirections. Deactivated them for now Please look into this Thanks
  3. Hello I still face the issue Here is a screenshot https://cl.ly/0u3e0z1S3g1n The sensitive area has the login info, please look into it Thanks
  4. Hello, For some reason, the content I first posted didn't post, instead the same content I posted in the last thread got posted except for the title. And here is the screenshot, some auto redirections which I didn't opt for. Deleted them https://cl.ly/0b2Q0B2U2A1e Also I got white screen on the website. Once I deactivated the plugin, it went back to normal. https://cl.ly/16062Q2a1F47 Please look into these issues
  5. Hello, I am seeing this notice sometimes when publishing posts. The domain had a website before this, however the URL's in the image seem very weird Adding login info in sensitive data. Thanks
  6. Hello, I am seeing this notice sometimes when publishing posts. The domain had a website before this, however the URL's in the image seem very weird Adding login info in sensitive data. Thanks
  7. Hello When setting up the plugin for the first time, it asked me to chose the type of website. Does this option mean that there might be options that help for that particular type of website? I have a listing website directory website, what should I choose? Thanks
  8. ok, i am buying sociallyviral and i sincerely hope it will be good with bbpress. And i sincerely hope you would come up with an update for its support in case. Thank you.
  9. Hello, regarding my previous post, it has not been answered. I just want to buy it as quickly as possible.
  10. No, i don't mean you should support the plugin. I mean you can help me change some code in the theme that causes issue with bbpress.
  11. But surely you would support if something goes wrong, Right? I read your FAQ. I do know that you don't support third party plugins, but "bbpress" is developed the ' auttomatic' for wordpress and it should be compatible . More ever, if it supports perfectly, you will be able to showcase our blog as an example. I just don't want you to leave me alone to myself if something goes wrong. I will need your support.
  12. Hi, i just forgot to ask this: will i get premium support and updates for lifetime?
  13. Hello, i need help choosing a theme i would like to buy for my website. Concept: A social community forum for students of a professional course aged 17-23 in India. I will be using bbpress and User pro social login plugin for this purpose. Users will also be able to post. The website will have not have any advertisements. I have seen the school theme, socially viral, parallax. The school theme may look childish for the age group. The socially viral theme looks beautiful and engaging. But my doubt is will it look good with bbpress or do i have to select another? I have not used bbpress before, so my imagination is lacking. And the layouts are just two of them(just thinking if more can be added). And there is also another benefit of creating a child theme. The portifolio theme looks really good with its simplicity and professionalism. and will it look good with bbpress. our forum will not have a lot to do with images, so i do not know if this will be good. I would like your suggestion and opinion. Please suggest another theme if it satisfies my purpose better than this. I would like to but this before the cyber monday to get it at a low price. Thank you.
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