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  1. Hello, I have to update this one and the onepage, point pro and dividend theme. Do you have any special deal for your customers? Regards
  2. syncbear

    Great job!

    Hello, I'd like to thank you for your activities. I am sure that without your help I would be in another place with my new activity. Important. When planning my development in the case of ready-made solutions for wp, I am not looking for other companies. Regards P.S. I wonder how your cooperation offer would look like with some stock. Any discount on a package of 10 pictures?
  3. syncbear

    [Writer] Stripe company

    Hello, ok, you are right. Now is ok. Greetings
  4. syncbear

    [Writer] Stripe company

    Hello, I want to pay for the theme Writer. I have the same c.card for 7 years? Maybe longer. I paid for your services many times. Now: Your card was declined. Yes, I have money on this c.card. No, I don't want to pay pay pal. Does Stripe accept transactions from certain countries or from all over the world? Greetings
  5. Hello, Which theme can implement a video slider on the first page? Business themes. The trend on the track is huge, does any of your proposals answer that? A question from the customer about a new website. I know that the first page will load slowly. Greetings
  6. syncbear

    [Writer] Promotion

    Is it possible to return to the $ 19.99 promotion? I have to do a client page and I wanted to use the theme Writer. Greetings
  7. Hello, Is one year active (Active Premium Resources is up to 20.04.18) should I pay for another year obligatory or not? Is there a way to stop paying for this theme? Greetings
  8. syncbear

    Thank you for your job

    Thank you. For assistance, the opportunity to learn and earn. It starts me thinking that I'm not looking for more options on wp other authors themes;) Seriously, you are doing a great job and this is the answer. Thank you and I hope that you will be specialized in niches. "Themes for all companies" on the internet are many. Interesting, that can be distinguished from other not so much.
  9. syncbear

    [Onepage] Extended Membership

    It's ok, sth with connection. How may I use Exclusive Coupon Code ? I see it on the dashboard. Greetings
  10. Hi, this option is active? I see green page only (below is exmaple-attach files). Greetings
  11. syncbear

    [PointPro] Theme For Business And Blog

    This theme functionality is similar to the theme Architect?
  12. syncbear

    [PointPro] Theme For Business And Blog

    When you first look at the response I was pleased average. They rejected me, autumn colors and idyllic climate. Due to the fact that it is your company does themes He looked at carefully. From what I can see, this functionality is similar to the Architect. I'm right? Greetings
  13. Hello, I was talking with a client about making and writing posts on your blog. Ultimately, the client wants page for your business and to running a blog. Previously I thought of Point pro, but now I do not know what theme to choose. The company is a branch of the service computers in which there is a lot of competition (seo!). Can you advise something? Greetings
  14. Hi is it possible to change the fields in the contact form? I mean adding a combo box. How may I modify the search box? What can I modify? Greetings
  15. syncbear

    My Client Decided

    Hi, my client decided on one of the themes mythemeshop and rejected other companies, to build a company website. You wonder why? I do know. Who do you think will do a page? Greetings and thanks for career opportunities as how to build a themes