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  1. Hello, Extended MembershipPerfect for developers & agencies $99.47/ yearPaid Annually includes rank math plugin? Regards
  2. Hello, I want to update the theme. There is no 19$ but 35$. Regards
  3. Hello, I want to update the onepage theme but I see on friend's account 35$. How to change for 19$? Regards
  4. Hello, and Get it now is for what? The Call to action without any word to explain? I thought it was a logo, but on the navi bar (there is no custom menu here or navi), immediately call to action? Just what? Is it possible to add some text next to the button. Regards
  5. Hello, how much cost the update of this theme? One webpage. Regards
  6. Hello https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=News is there a complete theme? Regards
  7. Hello, Ok, sorry I've mistaken Really sorry Regards
  8. Hello, Thank You. What that means: Free evaluation on the theme? Regards
  9. Ok, I describe you about the map. I need the map on the mail page. At the bottom of the site. Is it possible to do it with plugin? Regards
  10. Hallo, what will the difference be beetween the free theme and premium? I need theme with map. Is it possible in the premium theme? Regards
  11. Hello, What hosting companies can be set on the contact form on the main page? Regards
  12. Hello, I have to update this one and the onepage, point pro and dividend theme. Do you have any special deal for your customers? Regards
  13. Hello, I'd like to thank you for your activities. I am sure that without your help I would be in another place with my new activity. Important. When planning my development in the case of ready-made solutions for wp, I am not looking for other companies. Regards P.S. I wonder how your cooperation offer would look like with some stock. Any discount on a package of 10 pictures?
  14. Hello, ok, you are right. Now is ok. Greetings
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