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  1. Hi, Is there $19 Black Friday deal this year (2020)? I can see some bloggers are promoting this deal, but the deal page seems to not active. Example: https://bloggingx.com/mythemeshop-black-friday/
  2. I was trying to buy during the anniversary offer period. By the time I got a proper response, the offer is no longer available. Anyways thanks for the renewal discount coupon. By the way, don't you offer the lifetime license for individual themes anymore? If I purchase a theme and a plugin for a site and they renew at $39 each every year, that is nearly $500 for 5 years. I guess themes with one-off price are a better choice for individuals site owners like me.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the link. But I am not looking for purchasing coupon theme. I wanted to buy adsense theme, like the title of the post says. In fact I purchased this theme in the past during a $19 promotion. (Invoice number: 1252). But i didn't renew the subscription. I am looking forward to renew my subscription of Adsense-Theme @ $19.
  4. Hi, I tried to buy a theme at the $19 promotion. The themes page shows $19. However, when I add to cart, it shows $69. Tried to redeem the coupon at the checkout page. But it doesn't seem to be working.
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