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MagXp is Amazing...


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What a great theme…sent you guys an email about how great a theme it is, but wanted to post here too.:thumbup:


I just bought, so haven't gotten the chance to play around with it yet…but I am pumped to do so.:drool:


It's like 4 or 5 (if not more) themes in one. I'm a big fan of the "Social" layout option. Plus, these themes are very fast…something I seem to run into problems with when shopping for Magazine-style WordPress themes!

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The one thing I would like is more flexibility when it comes to the Author Page…maybe a way to put some info or a bio on the Author archive page above the links to all the articles from that author.  


I'm also curious if there is a way to have the Featured Image displayed at the top of the post.  


Forgive me if these issues are covered…I haven't had much time to really dive into the theme and fiddle around just yet.

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These things aren't possible by default, we'll consider adding these features in an update. Thanks!


Here's what you could do for now:

To put the author's description to the top of author archives, please open archive.php file and find this line




Add this code right after it:

<?php if (is_author()) { echo '<p>'.$curauth->description.'</p>'; } ?>



And to display the featured image on top of the post automatically, please open single.php file and find this part

<?php the_content(); ?>


Add the following code before it:

<?php the_post_thumbnail('full'); ?>

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