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If You Like a MTS Template Hire Them!

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In order to decide which template I'll use in my brand new site 4 years ago, I went through hundreds of templates (Paid and Free ones)

But Point design was what I was looking for, simple and straight to the point.

Even famous sites didn't have something like Point template so I got the free version.

After a while using the free version I decided to purchase PointPro.

I like this template so much that after 4 years I am using the same template.

1. If you serious about your site.

2. If you don't mind to focus on the small details about your site.

3. If you are willing to go back and forth many times with MTS Team to fix issues.

4. If you like any Website template that MyThemeShop has.

Then, you should go and let them fully help you.


The outcome is what it matters at the end!


I highly recommend MyThemeShop Support, just because there is no way I could fix all the issues in the site just by myself.

After few forums posts and days later you can have the look of your template as it appears in the Demo version.

One thing that I've learned is that if you use few plugins in Wordpress probably you will encounter incompatibilities with the template.

In my case,

Jetpack settings caused my site to not to show like the Demo Version.

In the beginning it's quite hard to understand which plugin is causing the trouble. 

So MyThemeShop Team would help you find out how to fix these things, which for a non technical person would be time consuming to find out why things do not work the way they suppose to.

MyThemeShop Support Team put their time and experience in practice to solve all these issues, the way all the things in life should be!

Iphone View Fixed.jpg

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Thank you for taking the time to leave us a detailed testimonial, we really appreciate that and we look forward in helping you again. :)

🏁Rank #1 on Google With our WordPress SEO Plugin.

Score a 💯on PageSpeed and Dominate Search Rankings.

✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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