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Pre sale questions about TruePixel theme


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I already use your themes Point & Fashion Blog (great work by the way!) and I'm very interested in TruePixel, but I'd like to ask a few things before I buy it.


1. Does it provide the ability to select between normal posts and full width posts (not pages)? What I need is to have both options in order to use full width for some specific posts and normal for others. If it doesn't support this, do you provide help in order to implement it? I can create the template but I don't know how to add the selection dialog in edit post screen without using a plugin.


2. Does it include an attachment page? Preferably full width, but I can customize it.


3. Can I easily implement/copy the nice carousel you have in FrontPage theme (below header and navigation) into TruePixel? or at least the carousel from Point theme (above footer)?


Thanks in advance!

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1. There is no way to select templates for posts without a plugin, you can only 'hardcode' a template for a specific post.

Or you can try this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/page-templates-for-posts/


2. There is no attachment page template included, but we can help you setting up one.


3. Yes, it's possible to add some kind of carousel to the TruePixel theme, maybe not that easily though.

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Thanks for the quick response!


2. I'm glad you are willing to help. Should I contact you via email for this... or?


3. So If I buy both themes, TruePixel and FrontPage, it's not possible to copy the carousel's relevant code (PHP, function and css) from one theme to the other? Or maybe with a few adjustments with your help? I can customize css but I'm not sure about the rest of the code.

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