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I am running a health niche website which can be found here

I just want to show an appreciation to the MyThemeShop, first of all, their themes are outstanding! Their pagethemes are fully optimized, now even my website is at least 60% faster than it was before, which means i get a higher google ranking. It has lots of options and customizations, even if you get stuck like me here, their team is always here to help you. This is just amazing, i didn't even thought that there is team like this until i found mythemeshop. Before I had to pay some developers to fix some bugs that I couldn't find, there were some scripts inside the themes that could steal some of your data and so on, but here...for this cheap  price you get awesome theme, perfect community and one of the best support agents!


I really like this and I'll be their lifetime customer. 10 out of 10 rating is not enough to show off my appreciation and satisfaction with them. :)

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