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Fell In Love With CleanApp Theme


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I have been working with WordPress for about 6 years, and it has been a very long time since I fell in love with a WordPress Theme as I have with the CleanApp Theme from MyThemeShop.

What I love about the Theme is that it has been designed with Mobile Phone Users in mind. Every year more and more of my visitors are using their Mobile Phones to browse my Websites.

With this Theme, instead of trying to make a Desktop Theme look good inside my Mobile Phone browser, I was able to make the CleanApp Mobile Theme look good inside my Desktop Browser. I have to tell you that it was so much easier to do it that way, and it was a delicious change of pace.

From the Header to the Footer, everything on the Home Page has been optimized for Mobile.

When activated, the Main Menu is displayed to the left of the screen so that it does not hog up all the Mobile Phone browser real estate, like so many Desktop Themes do. I used the Mega Menu from MyThemeShop to add an icon next to every Menu Item and that made the Mobile Menu look great. And what I really like is how the Mobile Menu is displayed. Many Desktop Themes use a kind of cylinder for the Mobile Theme Menu and you need to spin the cylinder to make your Menu selections. I hate that method. The Mobile Menu on CleanApp is so simple to use. You should try the demo on the MyThemeShop website, from within your Mobile Browser. You will love how MyThemeShop handles the Mobile Menu.

There are also two, count them, two sliders on the Home Page of the CleanApp Theme. They both work great inside my Mobile Browser. And I If wanted to, I could turn one or the other off. And if I wanted to, I could also turn both sliders off and use a more sophisticated 3rd party slider (which I did.)

And the Google Map on the Home Page is a thing of beauty when you are viewing it from within a Mobile Browser. When you are scrolling up and down with one finger, the map becomes part of the Home Page. When you use two fingers, then and only then, can you move the map location around. This is such an elegant solution to the problem of a map on the Home Page.

There are so many more things to talk about that I like about the CleanApp Theme, but I am running out of time, so I am going to move on.

If looking great on Mobile Browsers is your thing, you owe it to yourself to view the CleanApp Theme Demo inside your Mobile Phone.

Even more than the CleanApp Theme itself, I also fell in love with the sophisticated and highly responsive Technical Support that is offered by the MyThemeShop Technical Staff.

I will never let my subscription to MyThemeShop lapse because of their great attention to my technical needs.

First of all, almost everyone else in this industry makes me wait 24-48-72 hours for a response to my technical support tickets.

Not the MyThemeShop staff. They usually respond to my support tickets within one hour. Sometimes if I catch them at a good time of day, they will respond even faster, almost in real time, almost like a text message.

And don't get me started on custom support requests. Lots of times, when I work with other Plugin and Theme Programmers, all I get is basic help, and that's it. If you want more technical help, in order to make your Plugin or Theme follow your exact instructions, you need to hire a php programmer.

Not so with the MyThemeShop technical staff. The staff at MyThemShop are so familiar with their product, and they are so willing to please me as a customer, that it was almost like having my own php programmer helping me make my changes on my CleanApp Theme, as I was developing the Theme. You can't imagine how great that makes me feel as a customer, and how great that makes me look in front of my client. It's priceless.

Like I said, I am never giving up my subscription to MyThemeShop. I highly recommend you give their Themes and Plugins a try, along with their world class technical support. You will see what I mean.

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Hello Edward,

Thank you for your detailed review and your kind words regarding our services, it really warms our hearts for this Easter weekend. :)
Happy Easter to you if you celebrate. :)

We look forwarding in assisting you and seeing you grow your business.

Thank you for choosing MyThemeShop. :wub:


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✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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