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Would like to share my experience with mythemeshop.com.

I am a web developer that specializes in WordPress. I use MyThemeShop for some of my clients. I have a premium membership giving me access to all themes and giving me the tools i need to run my business.

MyThemeShop delivers a high quality product with awesome support. All themes are of high quality, very easy to use and if you want to make an adjustment to your design just ask support and they will get back to you within a very short time each and every time. This what amazes me, the support is the best i have ever seen and i have seen a lot!

Keep up the good work MyThemeShop team and thank for the quick and quality service each and every time.

To all potential customers: MyThemeShop is the best you will find with a wide variety of themes and plugins. You will NOT regret your purchase.

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