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[Coupon] Cashback Theme Issue


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I am planning to buy the Coupon Wordpress theme from mythemeshop. Here are some of my queries which I want to get resolve before buying the theme-


1. Is there any option in the theme to upload the all demo content as it is as in the live demo, if yes where are the options available.


2. Is there any paid plugin or any paid content is require to activate the theme with it's full potential.


3. Can this theme support the cash back system, if yes then what is the procedure, if not can you please suggest how to integrate the cashback system in the same theme, also can you develop it for me ?


4. I hope I can use this theme on my multiple website whether I use it for my own or for my client.


5. Is there any separate video tutorial available to install this theme, so that I can follow the same to install the theme on my wordpress blog/website.


6. Can you share with me some of the live website available on this theme just for the reference purpose, so that i can look for the outlook of the final website.


7. I am constantly getting up the Pop Up on the website to join the theme shop, download the 23 wordpress themes and plug ins in just $19 and i will get the support FREE for life time- Can you please elaborate this to me in brief- what will i get...all 23 wordpress themes + Plugins + FREE Support for lifetime or what ?


8. FREE Support- If free support will be given to me after purchasing the theme then what will be the mode of the support- Skype | Phone | Email | or only forums


9. Payment Mode Available to buy on mythemeshop.


10. If I buy another products from mythemeshop will that FREE Support will work in those options too ? or only for the current theme i download now.

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.


1. Yes, you can upload all the demo content if you go to WP > Appearance > Theme Options > Import/Export


2. No, it does not require any paid plugin.


3. No, the theme does not support cash back system as you are only sending your visitors to the affiliate link where the coupon can be used. You are not selling the product yourself, so you can't have cash back.


4. Yes, you will be able to use it on multiple domains.


5. We currently don't have a video tutorial for the Coupon theme but we do hope to have that in a near future.


6. We don't have any live websites made with this theme yet as it just got released, there are some users who are using it but they haven't shared their links with us. You can view all the layouts available if you view the demo of the theme.


7. Please contact our sales team here: http://mythemeshop.com/contact-us

They will be able to describe that to you as it is a fairly new promotion. 


8. The support is given through forums, which is pretty much the same thing as email except that you have the advantage of having multiple moderators checking your request through the day and even having users being able to check your request and help you. In the forum you can leave information in the sensitive data field so if there is info that you want to hide from other users you can leave it in that box for privacy. It's much better than skype, phone or email as it allows us to track issues accurately.


9. Credit Cards, PayPal, for more payment options please contact us here: http://mythemeshop.com/contact-us


10. Generally speaking once you have access to support forums you can ask any questions that you need regarding any product. 


Hope that helps. If you have any further question(s), please let us know. Thank you

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