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  1. I am trying to buy the theme, but unable to adjust my available Store Credits. Earlier I was able to adjust before 10 mins but now it is not allowing me to do so. Whats the solution ?
  2. Can you suggest some plugin that supports MTS Coupon Theme for bulk coupons upload through CSV ?
  3. Can I upload the coupons or deals through CSV/excel format, because manually it's difficult to add 100+ deals/coupon on the website. Let me know the solution for this.
  4. I am planning to buy the Coupon Wordpress theme from mythemeshop. Here are some of my queries which I want to get resolve before buying the theme- 1. Is there any option in the theme to upload the all demo content as it is as in the live demo, if yes where are the options available. 2. Is there any paid plugin or any paid content is require to activate the theme with it's full potential. 3. Can this theme support the cash back system, if yes then what is the procedure, if not can you please suggest how to integrate the cashback system in the same theme, also can you develop it for me ? 4. I hope I can use this theme on my multiple website whether I use it for my own or for my client. 5. Is there any separate video tutorial available to install this theme, so that I can follow the same to install the theme on my wordpress blog/website. 6. Can you share with me some of the live website available on this theme just for the reference purpose, so that i can look for the outlook of the final website. 7. I am constantly getting up the Pop Up on the website to join the theme shop, download the 23 wordpress themes and plug ins in just $19 and i will get the support FREE for life time- Can you please elaborate this to me in brief- what will i get...all 23 wordpress themes + Plugins + FREE Support for lifetime or what ? 8. FREE Support- If free support will be given to me after purchasing the theme then what will be the mode of the support- Skype | Phone | Email | or only forums 9. Payment Mode Available to buy on mythemeshop. 10. If I buy another products from mythemeshop will that FREE Support will work in those options too ? or only for the current theme i download now.
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