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[Point] Theme Questions


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Point theme questions:


1. Would I be able to insert code or plugin to display Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds on the right of the page?


2. I am looking at using WP aggregator to post to the page will this theme be compatible with the plugin?


3. Will I be able to ad an email signup form on the main page?

4. Is there a contact form option?

5. Will I be able to change the "COPYRIGHT THEME BY MYTHEMESHOP" in the footer? if not would I be able to link this to affiliate code for mythemshop?

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

1. That depends on what you mean by "right of the page".

If you are referring to blog posts and regular pages that have sidebars, yes you can add widgets in the sidebar that are for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


2. We haven't tested the theme with that plugin. But you can test it with the free version of Point to see if it works.


3. If you set the homepage as the Blog layout , then yes, you can add widgets into the sidebar and that widget can be the Wp subscription widget.


4. The theme does have a contact form for the contact page. 


5. Yes, you can change that from Theme Options. 

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