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[myPortfolio] Question About Image Display Options

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I've purchased a couple of themes from you before. Looking to build a photography website for myself and noticed you recently released myPortfolio. The demo seems to show that images are displayed in a square format. Naturally most cameras shoot in an oblong format, either in landscape or portrait format. I've seen a number of photography themes that seem to assume you will only have square images or landscape images. Most photographers I know would want to display a mixture of both landscape and portrait style images. Themes that seem to do this well often use Masonry grids. I cannot tell from the demo if there would be an option to display images in a different way that would allow use of both portrait and landscape images without clipping that displays attractively. 


Could you please comment?




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Hi Gary,


The theme can only show the photos in that grid layout, if your images are not square shaped then they will get cropped.

When you click on the magnifying glass icon appearing over each image as you hover over with the mouse, you can see that the original photos aren't square shaped – they just get cropped to fit in the grid layout. The cropping is automatic but you can use a plugin like this to crop the images manually.


Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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