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[Authority] Schema / Splash And Best Theme


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I have a few question before I buy a theme


I'm building an authority site as an affiliate marketer. Example - promoting Amazon products, product reviews and other content/posts (information posts in the same niche as the product reviews) so I'm an affiliate to Amazon.


Here is an example, if I'm selling products in the kitchen niche, Amazon products - microwaves, mixers, juicers etc, my site will be an authority on kitchen products.


1 - What theme would you recommended for what I am doing?


From what I have looked at this site uses Splash theme and looks good (I got this from demo part of mythemeshop site) - http://www.juiceitupp.com/


2 - Schema looks good too but there is no demo site like the splash example above. Can you show me a site example please?


3 - In the forum someone asked a question comparing Splash and Best theme, they moderator reply was "Best" is newer and better than Splash. However the example above looks cleaner than Best theme, maybe this is because the "Juice It Up" site is a live site example?


4 - I see Schema has "Rich Snippet" built in, do the other 2 themes have this too?


5 - In saying this I need my pages and posts load fast and highly optimized for Search engines. So speed and SEO is most important. Which theme would you recommend I go with for what I am doing - Amazon product reviews and other content information on my site? From reading in the forum Schema is best for SEO and Speed? Do you think Schema would be my best option? I see there are 3 there "default", "Minimal" and "Shop". Minimal would be the one to go with?


Much appreciated!!


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1. To be quite honest I'm not sure how you would setup your Amazon links. If you need an eCommerce theme to use with WooCommerce plugin and add products from Amazon that way then you can use any of our eCommerce themes such as the ECommerce theme.


However if you just want to create WordPress posts and have amazon links inside of them added then you can use any of our other themes such as Schema or Best.


2. Are you trying to re-create this site: http://www.juiceitupp.com/

If yes, you can set a static page in Schema as your front page and add content to it.


3. The JuiceItUpp site is using Splash indeed, once you purchase Splash you can set your theme just like that by setting the a static front page inside of WP > Settings > Reading.


4. Yes, other themes also have rich snippets.


5. For speed I would recommend the Schema theme. However, all of our themes are well optimized and fast. 

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