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These are all presales questions.


1) Is it possible to choose what size of thumbnail I want for Post in the Nominal Theme ? As of Now they are way too big and I want standard 150 x 150 size only.


2) Is it possible to use PHP code in Ad Management Screen where there is an option to insert ad script ?


3) Is it possible to not use one of the menus ? I dont see this option in configuration screenshot. I want to use an adsense link unit in place of the second menu unit.



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Hello there,

1) yes you can change the logo size, but for that you have to edit few codes, we can assist you in that matter.

2) No currently it supports only html and scripts.

3) Yes you can add ads at that position but for that you have to again edit few codes, we can also assists you in that.


if you have any thing to know let us know.


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