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Some Of The Best Suport In 10 Years Using Wordpress


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Just wanted to say thank you again for the exceptional support. I've been doing webdev 20 years (since March 1995), and using WordPress for 10 years, so I don't always need support, but when I do it's usually something super specific, arcane, or I just can't figure it out.


MyThemeShop (MTS) folk provide exceptional "here's how to do it" support, even on a Saturday when I was trying to sort out our new ecom shop tweaks. No attitude, no snark, no RTFM moments (and yes, I do check the docs first). Bravo.


I've only needed support a few times, but the "same day" reply with clear what to do, how to do, "works first time" solutions is remarkable in this industry, where some major WP-centric companies can take 3-5 days to reply to a support "ticket" (not naming names here). I always have confidence in MTS helping on the little bits that often need a tweak here or there for specific site, or UX element for specific device.


In my case, needed couple tweaks for desktop users to be more like iPad, and some iPad tweaks to be more like desktop. MTS solved it and was able to get on with the project without effort or suffering :-)


I have been recommending MTS quite a bit this year due to the support and nice theme solutions.


Thanks folks :-)

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