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[Blogging] Which Theme


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Dear all,


I´m planning to purchase a theme here but I need some more information. Currently I want to have a wordpress site exactly the same as www.pickthebrain.com  but don´t know how to reach this and with which tools. I was hoping to get some advice and support here since I especially have no idea how they made the icon buttons in the header of the page and with what kind of theme of mythemeshop i can get this result.


Thanks in advance.


Kindly regards,



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Hi Jason,

The linked site is not using any of our themes -- it seems to be a custom child theme of the default TwentyTen theme that comes with the WP installation.

For similar themes, check our themes in the magazine category. I'd recommend taking a look at Point Pro, SociallyViral, and Blogging themes. 

Hope that helps. If you have any question about our themes, feel free to ask.

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