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[Business] Theme Configuration


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Hello,  My questions would be easier in another format because the responses dictate my next question but..

For instance:  In the business theme, there is a contact form in the demo in the bottom right hand corner.  One,the form has maybe 3 fields can the form be expanded to 5 or 6 fields?  Two, can send/forward the customer form to multiple emails?  Is there a log? Is that easy to add if not?  Three, if I can accomplish that, can I move this form to the top right or left corner to come up nearly first on mobile?  I then want to use this same layout for multiple websites.  I'm not experienced. I am looking for a simpledesign that is very mobile responsive and says so in Google...mobile friendly.  A. Appointment/contact form either top right or left. B. One other column for content. C.  Drop down header tab with pages. D. Each page has the exact same layout with the contact form for a different service.


Is there a theme that is easily laid out in this design and could someone tell me, show me how to do it if doesn't exist in that configuration?  


Thank you!


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In Business theme, the contact form in the bottom right part is actually a widget. You can insert it in all sidebars/widget areas available in the theme. It has no configuration options, so it is not possible to add/edit fields. It is also not possible to set multiple emails to send the message to, but this can be done with a small change in the code. It has no log either. It is only a simple contact form.

For more features you can try our Contact Widget plugin, or a third party plugin, like Contact Form 7.

All our themes are responsive and mobile friendly, and compatible with most third-party plugins.

Hope that helps.

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