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Good day, 

I'm using a few of your themes and want to purchase the WP subscribe. 

Few questions. 

1. I want to use it as a form in widget and exit pop up at the same time on same site can I do that?

2. Will using it as a form widget slow down the site too much?

3. does it integrate with schema theme without any issues?

4. want to make sure I can integrate completely with getresponse and mailchimp?

5. is there a way to set it up as a form that goes under the main body of article...in a horizontal manner.? NOT in widget



you guys have great support




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1. Sure, it is possible to use the widget alongside the popup option.

2. No, the widget will certainly not slow down your site.

3. Yes, it is compatible with all our themes, as well as with most other third party themes.

4. Yes, you can integrate with GetResponse or MailChimp.

5. Yes, you can add the signup form right after single post content, there is an option for that in the plugin settings.


Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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