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Adsense Ctr Up By 2%, Fantastic Support!


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Let me say I am very happy with truepixel theme and the support the developers are giivng here. I'd been struggling with low Adsense CTR for months until I found Truepixel. I tried it in one of my sites and after 3 full days, my CTR is up by more than 2% from its original CTR. My revenue is more than doubled and the amount I paid for my theme was offset within one day.


I actually found this theme used in one of my competitor's sites and after asking warriorforum what the theme was, I found out it was truepixel so I grabbed it right away. The result was almost instant - the CTR exceeded my expectation and I am very happy.


I plan to buy more themes in the very near future. I also recommend your themes to my fellow bloggers.


Thank you very much mythemeshop and more power to you people.

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Thank you for the feedback, we're really glad our theme helped improve your site. It's not a secret that TruePixel powered one of the most successful blogs around (they just recently switched from WP to a custom platform).

If you face any difficulties using the theme, please feel free to open a new topic, and one of our moderators will be more than happy to assist you.

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