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[Clock] Full List Of Differences Bewteen Wp Review Free & Pro Version


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I bought a few themes from you and now consider to use the WP Reviews plugin

I would like to know the differences between the free and the Pro version of your WP Reviews plugin.


I saw there is the circle format, but what else? which of the features mentioned on
are not on


In short, what would make me buy :)

Another question is if I can allow only subsribers of the site to vote (not guests without accounts)

I thank you in advance for your reply.

Best Regards



PS: In order to post I had to choose a product above, and WP Review is not listed, please discard that I chose the first one (clock)

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Hi Patricia,


These are the Pro version features:

- Custom review box width & alignment

- The circle review type

- User rating through comments

- CSS Animations

- Show total ratings on thumbnails automatically


And you can expect a lot more to come, we have plenty of ideas for the plugin. 


Restricting user rating to registered users is not possible, but there's something you can try: in WP settings you can restrict comments to registered users only, and with some custom CSS you can "turn off" the user rating area in the review box, so that only registered users would be able to rate (through comments). Here's how to do that: http://community.mythemeshop.com/topic/13709-user-comment-rating-and-reviews-are-not-integrated/?p=61161


Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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