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Number 1 on support for a such blind technique person like me


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I started to build my website blog with zero technique knowledge. Firstly, I tried to search on the internet general knowledge about setting up a website. It took me too much time but not much good results such as setting up Menu, logo item on the Menu,.. Then I had to find the help of My Theme Shop supports.  I raised too much questions such as How to define,... How to adjust, How to add...  And of course, there are some questions relating to bugs during setting up the site. Despite I raised too much questions but My ThemeShop supporters are always friendly, nice, helpful to readily help. They tried to fix them as quick as they can. They got quick responses and try the best to fix them even it's on weekend when they need to relax. Furthermore, they always try to suggest another better option in case that solution didn't make me totally happy. Thanks to your patience, quick, friendly, helpful support, my blog looks so good. :)

Once again, I'm very appreciated for what the supporters do to help me setting up my blog. I'm very graceful of that. Thank you so much for your help again. :) :) :) .

About products of MyThemeshop, I just have a suggestion. During choosing a travel theme at your products, I didn't see many options for the travel theme and not flexible for travel theme. I hope there would be more travel themes in the future.


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Thank you for taking the time to write us this testimonial, it means a lot to our team. We are also very happy that you were able to receive our help even on the weekends when most WordPress businesses are closed.

Regarding your suggestions, I will pass your suggestion to our managers and they will consider it.

Thank you for choosing MyThemeShop, we look forward helping you again. :)

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