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[Splash] Schema Pre Sale Questions


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Posted this as a topic related to Splash, Schema isn't available in the drop down
I'm so much in  love with your new Schema Theme, I just wan't to know, now you made so much out of SEO, will the Wordpress SEO by Yoast, interfere with it in any way?
If so, which SEO  plugin will you recommend? If any.
Is there a POT file for translation?
Can it act like a Parent Theme?

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Thanks for your interest in our theme. Here are the answers for your questions:

1. Schema and our other themes have all the basic SEO features, like proper heading elements on every page, nofollow attributes for certain links, etc. but it is advised to use a plugin like Yoast for more advanced SEO features (which shouldn't be part of a theme anyway). It won't interfere with the theme. And I'd personally recommend Yoast.

2. The theme is translation-ready with the POT file included. There's also a translation panel in the Theme Options that makes translating even easier.

3. Yes, it's possible to create a child theme for Schema.

Hope this helps. 

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