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Fantastic & Timely Support for ALL 15+ Tickets


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I am new to using Wordpress so I had tons of questions on how to customize the Lifestyle theme and other MTS plugins.  To date I have opened over 15 tickets over 9 months, sometimes 5 at a time.  Only one recent one remains open (awaiting another theme update to reenable Instagram feeds pending Facebook's approval).  

EVERY TICKET was addressed in a timely and professional manner.  I kept waiting for them to get annoyed with all my requests and slow down on their responsiveness.  But that never happened.  They treated every inquiry with care, respect, and expediency.  As a customer, I always felt valued.  They never made me feel like my questions were too simplistic, beneath them, or a burden.  

MyThemeShop is the first Wordpress theme provider I have ever used.  I know there are other companies that market more contemporary looking designs but, frankly with the outstanding support that I get at MTS and the solid reviews from other customers that I see, I have no desire to even bother looking elsewhere.  Others may look like they have more bells and whistles, but here I feel confident that anything that might potentially break will get fixed.  Thanks MTS for your awesome products and even more amazing support team!  MistaPrime, Jitendraa, and Roy A are the best!!!  Thank you!

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Hello Jacyln,

We truly value your feedback and our team is very happy to know that you are satisfied with our services. It will motivate us to provide you with the best service that we can.

I hope that your businesses will grow and that we will see you in the future as we look forward helping you.

Thank you for being part of the MyThemeShop community.


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