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[General] Unlimited Sites Licence


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Can you answer my questions?

  1. How do we activate themes and plugins?
  2. Can we use themes and plugins in our customers?
  3. Is license activation happening with mythemeshop.com information? ,  Can someone who learns this information change our password?
  4. If we provide this information for our customers, will our account be at risk?
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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

1 - If you managed to install a theme then you need the Connect/Updater plugin that you can download from MyThemeShop.com member's area. It will check to see if you have a valid licence and then activate the theme for you so that you can use it.

2 - Only if you have a valid licence for that domain name.

3 - The information is only accessible to MyThemeShop.com members.

4 - We cannot guarantee what will happen if you give your username and your password to other people. Those people might change the password on you. The licence is attached to one single domain name, therefore even if you give the password to someone else they cannot use the theme on another domain, unless you buy more licences for them.

Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

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