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The Best Ever Theme Site With An Amazing Support Forum!


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Alright, firstly, I am not a person who prefers writing a email for direct support and not forums coz 95% of the time, I have never ever got a reply. 


However, I was surprised this time that I got awesome support not only from the team here but also other users! 5 Stars for that!!!


Loved it!!  :)  :lol:


The only thing I feel bad about is the high monthly fee. Keeping exchange rates in mind, we easily end up paying 6-7000 a year which is quite expensive for us startups!  :mellow:  :wacko:  :unsure:


All the Best team MyThemeShop!!








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Hi Kunal,

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate.

We always make sure that you, our customers receive proper and timely answers for any question that might arise. We're also very happy to see that we have a friendly and active community here on the forums.

Let us know if you need help with anything else.

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