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[WP Review Pro] Mix Reviews, Scroll and Star rating


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I need to know:

1-If  you can let the reviews scroll if you have say 20 and its in a sidebar and would be too long, but scrollable would work great.

2- If you can mix reviews in 1 widget, like have google, yelp and facebook reviews all in same widget. 

3- I read somewhere 5 google reviews max, is that on the pro too? Can you really only have 5 or is that only in certain instances.

4- If you can say you only want 4 stars and above(example) for google/fb reviews, so no 1-2 star reviews would show up.

Excited to get started, but need to understand capabilities and restrictions and from searching on site etc I did not find these answers.  

Thank you Sooo much!!

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

1). Yes this is possible with the WP Review: Top Rated Reviews widget, you can set as many reviews as you want and have them appear on the sidebar.

2). It is currently only possible to list Top Rated, Recent Reviews, Most Voted and Recent Comments reviews in tabbed sections. Facebook and Google place reviews can only be listed in separate widgets.

3). This is a current limitation, you can only have 5 Google reviews max.

4). This feature is also not available at the moment, the API will list all the reviews irrespective of the rating.

Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

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