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[Coupon] Coupon theme customization query

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I have gone through the Coupon theme demo. Is there any Mythemeshop plugin available for creating user registration? Do you have support to customizing the theme after purchase?

I saw there is some customization we want:

1. Store category function

2. Filtration of coupons in the sidebar 

3.Custom user registration and login functionality.

So, for these customizations of Coupon theme, do you have any plugin or developer support?

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

Please see here what is included in our support policy: 

What We Support

1. Fixing any issues with our themes or plugins.
2. Fixing any bugs you notice.
3. If you face any issues setting up the theme, we will do everything to resolve it.
4. If you request is minor like changing the theme's color or changing the fonts etc., we will be happy to assist.
5. If the theme doesn't look like our demo, we will do everything we can to make it happen.

What We Don't Support

1. We do not provide customizations with any of our products.
2. We cannot help integrate third-party plugins.
3. We cannot add custom functionality to our themes or plugins.
4. We cannot add custom sections that aren't seen in our theme or plugin demo.

Regarding your questions:
1 - We are not sure what you mean by "Store category function". Let us know please.

2 - As you can see in the demo, there is a filtration of coupons in the sidebar but the filtering is only by category.

3 - We do not have any custom user registration. The registration would be handled by WordPress, therefore if you find registration plugins that fit your needs, that may work for you. The theme or our support will not be able to help you with user registrations as that functionality is made by WordPress only.

Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

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