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  1. Hello. I purchased a WP Review Pro plugin recently. I would like to refund it since it does not fulfill our requirements for review placements and it does not allow user multi-ratings. Please refund it asap.
  2. Hi, I have the exact same problem. When I add the shortcode [wp-review] it only loads the same global template, however I have different post types (different types of products to review) so the same template won't fit all of the post types I have. For exemple, I would need some pre-defined rating criteria for restaurant (eg. menu quality, service, value for money) and other pre-defined criteria for hotels (location, cleanliness, etc). As I tested I could only have one single template for the whole website and not one different depending on post type. And I have set up different post types for each product type I have because I needed different templates and fields for each. So, my question is: Is there any way to create those "global" templates specifically for each post type? As I run a big directory where I am constantly adding tons of content all the time, I would need to have those criteria defined automatically when I created a new post, so users can go straight to add the reviews, but different pre-defined criteria should load depending on that post type.. Before purchasing the plugin I had read the shortcodes guide and saw it had the exemple [wp-review id="123"], but I imagined this ID would be some sort of form templates (as it's done in other review plugins) and not the post ID (which I actually don't see how this can be useful).. Thanks,
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