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  1. Hi Thanks for this but unfortunately it doesn't answer my question. I won't know what the Post ID is and this is a template.php file so will need the shortcode to dynamically get the post ID from whatever post the visitor is on. The page link you sent doesn't explain this as far as I can see and I don't want to spend the money on this plugin if it doesn't do this, can you confirm the code I would need to use to make the shortcode identifiy what post ID the visitor is on so the review they leave is linked to the right post? Many thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for your response, sorry I should have made myself clearer though. I have already tried this with the free version and although the reviews appear they are the same for every post, I would like each post to have its own review. Is there a way to make the shortcode check against the post id? Thanks
  3. Hi I want to implement WP Reviews Pro with a third party directory plugin. I see I can add a short code to posts, however, will need a review form to be visible on user submitted posts from the front end of the website. Is it possible to add some kind of shortcode to the template (PHP) files of the 3rd party plugin and WP Reviews can assign the review to the individual posts? Many thanks
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