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    Quality Products With Great Support

    I have used various themes & Plugins of Mythemeshop. Every time I got quality products with extraordinary customer support. It doesn't matter you are free member or paid one, they always ready to help.
  2. Hi, Currently, I noticed that I am getting Internal 500 server errors on categories. I am using categories in the navigation menu. After deactivating Rank Math Plugin issue was resolved. Is this issue with the plugin or I have done the wrong setup of the plugin? Regards, Lokender
  3. lokenderkumar03

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Internal 500 error on category pages

    Hi, I have tested it & its working now. Thanks, Lokender
  4. lokenderkumar03

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Internal 500 error on category pages

    I have submitted login details in sensetive data section.
  5. Hi, I was testing out Rank Math plugin and found that meta description keep rolling back to previous version(first time). Its only happening in new blog posts. I have tried to modify meta description of older post it worked perfectly. Another issue I am facing with search analytics options. When I click over pagination button to check stats of 2nd page it shows upgrade to premium version of Pagination. Note: I have downloaded plugin just one time I got a mail from Mr Bhanu from Mythemeshop. Is there any update regarding plugin. Link provided in Email is no longer Working. Regards, Lokender
  6. Hi, Thanks for your valuable time and support. Mythemeshop's team have done lots of hard work for that and I am not going to share the plugin with anyone else. Regards, Lokender
  7. Hi, Thanks for your quick response. Meta Description is resolved now but Rank Math> Search Console> Search analytics shows Please upgrade to Premium version for pagination when I click over pagination button. And one more question, in teaser Video I saw Link Builder option. But why it's missing in plugin. Regards, Lokender