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  1. lokenderkumar03

    Quality Products With Great Support

    I have used various themes & Plugins of Mythemeshop. Every time I got quality products with extraordinary customer support. It doesn't matter you are free member or paid one, they always ready to help.
  2. lokenderkumar03

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Internal 500 error on category pages

    Hi, I have tested it & its working now. Thanks, Lokender
  3. lokenderkumar03

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Internal 500 error on category pages

    I have submitted login details in sensetive data section.
  4. Hi, Currently, I noticed that I am getting Internal 500 server errors on categories. I am using categories in the navigation menu. After deactivating Rank Math Plugin issue was resolved. Is this issue with the plugin or I have done the wrong setup of the plugin? Regards, Lokender
  5. Hi, Thanks for your valuable time and support. Mythemeshop's team have done lots of hard work for that and I am not going to share the plugin with anyone else. Regards, Lokender
  6. Hi, Thanks for your quick response. Meta Description is resolved now but Rank Math> Search Console> Search analytics shows Please upgrade to Premium version for pagination when I click over pagination button. And one more question, in teaser Video I saw Link Builder option. But why it's missing in plugin. Regards, Lokender
  7. Hi, I was testing out Rank Math plugin and found that meta description keep rolling back to previous version(first time). Its only happening in new blog posts. I have tried to modify meta description of older post it worked perfectly. Another issue I am facing with search analytics options. When I click over pagination button to check stats of 2nd page it shows upgrade to premium version of Pagination. Note: I have downloaded plugin just one time I got a mail from Mr Bhanu from Mythemeshop. Is there any update regarding plugin. Link provided in Email is no longer Working. Regards, Lokender