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  1. No I do not believe it is incompatibility with plugins it is error in your plugin it did the same to me dropping redirects that I didnt put there and breaking my site
  2. Rank Math asks for website type and Company Name The Company Name is where you enter the legal name of your business. Please note that this can be different from your site name. Question How is this information used for SEO purposes? Because I am very specific about my website name for SEO purposes and I am worried about how this is going to used, I dont want it to cause and issue with current or future content or impact it. I am assuming its for schema data in which case it will in fact impact SEO so what is written here needs to be thought through carefully. Is that corre
  3. is it recommended to purchase updated themes an upgrade.
  4. Hi I purchased Schema v3.1.2 in October 2016. Is it advisable to upgrade my theme and buy the newer version. If i do upgrade my theme will it override my current style images header etc. Or is it fine just to update it. WHat are the instructions to update it. ALso, I have an issue with google fonts I want them disabled because it gives bad speed rating. Is this fixed in the newest version of schema? Thankyou
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