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  1. Thank you for finding that. I will show that to the NewsMag Pro developers. Alan
  2. Thank you. I tested it by following your suggestion, but that didn't work either. Sensitive data has been added.
  3. I installed the plugin, set settings and refreshed the front page of the site. It never loads - goes into a permanent loading loop. Deactivate the plugin, the site loads. - I should have tried reloading before doing any settings! Reactivated plugin and turned off all modules - loading still fails. Deactivated all other plugins - still fails. I can send you a copy of the Macho Themes Newsmag Pro theme if you want to test it. FYI: Yoast SEO v7 fails the same way. Alan.
  4. Thank you Montgomerie - that worked. I will try it in the next few hours and let you know what happens.
  5. Thank you Montgomerie. Unfortunately, the system won't allow me to download it. It says: "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account." Error code: 2C171/1 Alan
  6. Ok. Can you please check something in the plugin? I currently use Yoast SEO and I have the part that removes the /category/ base. - but in their newest versions, it kills the NewsMag Pro theme None of the category pages work. Does your plugin have that feature, and does it fix that problem? Alan.
  7. Hello. I just noticed I received your message about downloading and installing Rank Math, but the links don't work. Can you please check and resend? Alan