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  1. Thank you. I changed this to 500 links per sitemap file and now it works. Alan
  2. This could be a problem with my theme or with the combination of the plugins I use. RankMath 1.0.1 Tagdiv Newspaper 9.1 AMP for WordPress - WORKS, but is very basic TagDiv AMP - this works and has more functionality (and it made to work with the theme) Better AMP - WordPress Complete AMP - This works and has more functionality These 5 don't work in my system: AMP for WP - Crashed the admin - gives a blank page immediately after activation WP AMP Ninja - doesn't crash the admin, but doesn't deliver an AMP page AMP on WordPress – weeblrAMP CE - Crashed the admin - gives a blank page immediately after activation AMP for WooCommerce - didn't try this WP AMP - Crashed the admin - gives a blank page immediately after activation This one wasn't in your list - and it doesn't work for me either. AMP WP by Pixelative - redeclares a function and will not load.
  3. Rankmath v 1.0.1 TagDiv Newspaper Theme v 9.1 This is my main live site, please be careful. The main sitemap page works OK https://xxxxxxx.com/sitemap_index.xml And these are OK: category-sitemap.xml author-sitemap.xml page-sitemap.xml But all of the post page sitemaps are blank, except they return a code of "1" post-sitemap1.xml ... post-sitemap19.xml Here is the weird thing post-sitemap28.xml to post-sitemap28.xml work OK (there are 27,800 posts) - for the ones that do work, the image count shows 0 Also note that several of the AMP plugins also return a blank page in the admin area - I will open another ticket for that
  4. Thank you Monty. I will work on changing to the new theme this week. Alan
  5. Hello Monty. I still see the same problem. I added a new story and all the same problems are there for me. I have the other sitemap plugin, because it has a news sitemap and RankMath doesn't have that yet. The main sitemap is turned off in that other plugin, so I am using Rankmath sitemap and only the news sitemap in the other plugin. I will work on the theme update, in case it is that. Note that RankMath v15 works and v17 doesn't. What happened when you added v.17 - did it work for you? Did you see the missing bars? were the green settings correct? ALSO, I forgot to tell you one more problem - the "Visual - Text" tabs in the editor no longer work with this release.
  6. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  7. v 0.9.17 breaks several things I tried Troubleshooting, but RankMath will not activate under troubleshooting. I tried deactivating almost all other plugins, but that did not fix the problem. Rolling back to v 0.9.15 did fix the problem. The attached image shows many of the visible effects of the issues.
  8. Here is a problem with how RankMath treats long titles, as it modifies the slug. A long title is shortened by RankMath, and if a writer hits Enter while viewing it, it locks in the shortened version. Also, because the shortened version is shown it can't be easily edited. - to edit the slug, you have to either hand-type it or copy and paste the title into it and then edit it. Here is a short video that describes the problem: https://youtu.be/TYRhbs-mB9s I love RankMath!
  9. Hello Montgomerie. This doesn't happen to me. I've tried 4 browsers. - Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome, Safari. The only person who reported this uses a Microsoft PC with Microsoft Edge browser. My guess is that either something happened and that browser didn't bring down the CSS file that controls the size of that Admin Bar icon or that browser doesn't respond to the CSS command that sizes the icon. I don't think there is anything to be learned from connecting in this system. Thanks for asking, but I think its a waste of your time. Just turning off the admin bar solves the problem for now. Alan
  10. Hello Jitendraa, yes, that is what I thought, too, but not only didn't it help, it made it worse! That writer uses the Microsoft Edge browser. Of course, it could be that he didn't follow the cache clearing instructions correctly, but he said that not only did it not cure the problem, but also the same thing happened on the front end of the site, which it didn't before. So for now, I have installed a plugin that removes the whole admin bar. That did solve the problem and it didn't appear to affect the RankMath plugin's other operations. What I really wanted to do was to only allow the RankMath icon in the admin bar of the administrator, but none of the other member levels. But I couldn't make that work, so it could be that you are using a non-standard way to add the RankMath menu to that top bar. I think this would be a good option to add to the plugin at some point - not put it in the admin bar, not allow it in the front end and only allow it for the administrators. Alan
  11. One of my writers has a problem with the RankMath entry in the top admin bar. As shown in this video: https://youtu.be/866v6BWX8l0 How can I remove RankMath from the top admin bar - I never use it from there and none of my writers need access to it.
  12. The plugin crunches URLs in both the top URL edit field and also in the "mobile preview" area. It could be this is only an internal thing, but it is extremely disconcerting, especially as I currently have 20 other writers. For example, a URL should be this: new-supplement-can-counter-aging-for-real But in the Permalink URL under the main title, it shows as: new-supplement-c-r-aging-for-real ‎ And also in the mobile preview area, it looks like this: new-supplement-c-r-aging-for-real And so if I click on that to edit it, it shows this: new-supplement-c-r-aging-for-real So that means I have to either type what I want or I have to copy and paste the title there and then edit it. Here is a bigger problem: If one of us starts to edit that slug and hits enter instead of escape, it sticks like that, and we can't tell if it will publish like that or if it is just a visual shortening. - and yes, it does publish like that. Other than this, I love the plugin, you guys have done an amazing job. I'm looking forward to seeing the google news sitemap and other things you're working on, so I can drop a few more plugins.
  13. Hi. FYI: I made a table of contents in a story, similar to the one you have in the knowledgebase, but RankMath says I don't have a ToC I used standard UL and LI tags Alan.
  14. Thank you Montgomerie. I'm just passing on information, to help you make improvements. Keep up the good work, your team is doing great things! Alan.
  15. Plugin says I have no Analytics, but it is there. Maybe because you're not looking for this? <script async src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=UA-999999999-9"></script>