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  1. Hi, Please update your plugin. The issue is fixed. Thanks
  2. Hi, Please contact your hosting provider to resolve this issue as this is purely php configuration issue. It is very similar to wordpress menu management if you trying to save a very long menu samething happens. Thanks
  3. Hi, Please ask your hosting provider to increase post size and max var size in php configuration. Thanks
  4. Hello, Since you were refunded for the payment for the plugin, you can not be provided support for the paid plugin. If you are in need of the support, please pay for the plugin. I’m closing this ticket until you pay for the plugin. Thank you.
  5. Hi, The issue is fixed an update will be released by tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Hi, I checked the Facebook sharing and this is what I got... It seems its working perfectly. Thanks
  7. [WP Quiz] Twitter & Facebook not pulling in result

    Hi, It is fixed please check to confirm. Thanks
  8. Hi, The plugin is updated and we have added new translation option for the text. Now you can easily transfer the text into any language. Please update the plugin. Thanks
  9. [WP Quiz] Twitter & Facebook not pulling in result

    Hi, Can you assign the administrative rights to the user so we can install a plugin to debug the issue. Thanks
  10. [Content Locker] Facebook Ajax Error Message

    Hi, I tried the FB signin on this page: but didn't find any error and it smoothly went through the process and showed me the content in the end. It will be more helpful if you can tell the steps to re-produce the error. Thanks
  11. HI, There is no need to add any product in order for plugin to function you have already created the app just follow the steps mentioned in the screenshot above and you are good to go. Thanks
  12. [WP Quiz] Quiz not working

    Hi, Follow these steps to resolve it. Visit Settings > Permalink Hit Save Thanks
  13. Hi, Did you finish this step. Thanks
  14. Hi, You are using the wrong shortcode the correct one is mention below I have set it on the test page as well and its working. [wp_quiz id="xxx"] Thanks
  15. HI, We are unable to login into your FB account. Please setup the app with as website app, add your domain in it and put it into production mode as for now I am saying the app is in development mode and I can't use it. Thanks