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  1. MyThemeShop is best in things below: 1. good looking themes. 2. a lot of features inbuilt in theme so that no extra plugins needed. 3. Free seo plugin rankmath. 4. a lot of free themes and plugins 5. clean code. 6. schema. I have used different themes in my blogging journey but finally settled on MyThemeShop as when I used it google started loving my content, I think this is due to all the "google loved food" built inside the theme working in the background. 7. I can concentrate on my writing without bothering about the technical know-how about the code. 8. Themes are extremely fast in loading, believe me I have used a lot of different themes in my journey to find the best. 9. MyThemeShop support team is "The Best". 10. Prices of products are rock bottom. I want to ask some questions to Mythemeshop: "Why your products are so likeable, how you make them, how you know the requirement of almost every blogger?"
  2. I created a priority support request at " Can you please look at this topic and help me.
  3. I have been connected to Mythemeshop because of following reasons: 1. The only true professional WordPress Products and support. 2. Excellent support. 3. Products are plug and play, fewer plugins required. 4. Extremely fast themes. 5. Most of the WordPress plugins are compatible with MyThemeShop themes. 6. Google loves MTS themes.
  4. Everything I need for blogging in $9. It's Really "MY" Theme Shop. My Newspaper Theme in action here
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