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  1. # After a year, you have to purchase the theme again to access updates and support. Wow. Interesting business ideology. Sounds like a perpetual motion [money making] machine… :/ # However, it is not compulsory and you can still use the theme for lifetime. Sorry, but I don't think so. Even small-scale (web selling) business last years, usually. Technic improves, respectively. Woocommerce 2015 is probably something else than WC 2016. And security issues certainly plays a big role on web shop. It's hardly a nice idea to use 2015-theme in the year 2017. -- That said, I'm just a web amateur. # We can offer you a discount at the time of renewal as well - - And what kind of (amount of) discount are we talking about, about? »Update by next two hours, 2 percent sale!»
  2. Hello MTS, I'm about to purchase one of your [single] theme. However, one thing makes me wonder. Total cost. Current price is pretty clear: $45. Then, on theme subpage you say »Support & Updates for 1 Year†(»What You Get»), but nothing about the time after that. (Not by accident, I believe.) Does this mean that every year I'd have to pay again, to get the updates for my theme? And, that the annual price(s) remains unknown until you decide it. Right?
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