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  1. ok, i thought it was a plugin issue because all the other changes i made were saved. Thanks
  2. Hi mythemeshop team! Keep up with this plugin. Today i was editing an old post which i didn't update for about 3-4 hours. When i did update the post all the information was saved exept the fields from Rank Math. After i update all fields llike, meta description, focus keywords they returned back to the old ones which the plugin fetched from Yoast when i fitst installed Rank Math. Also i had changed the URL (under post title not from Rank Math) and after the first update which the data was lost rank math was showing the old url while the real (new) url was changed. After that i updated like normal to 4-5 minutes and it worked fine so i can not reproduce this bug. Thanks
  3. I cleaned the cookies from Chrome and i am having the same problem. I also tried firefox which i had never used to login to my site and i am having the same problem also.
  4. Sure no problem have a look at this Video added to the sensitive area
  5. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  6. Hi and thanks for sharing this great plugin with us! I think it's the time to help you with some bug reports! I just noticed that after updating a post the plugin can not recognize the focus keyword. For example while editing a post the "The focus keyword does not appear in the first 10% of the content." is green and after updating the post is getting red. In this case my focus keyword is Vivo X23.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Can i hire someone from your team in this sites? If yes please guide, freelancer name etc. Yes i just want minor edits nothing tricky. Thanks
  8. Good morning, i like the point theme but would like some custom modifications. Please contact me via skype if you wish. My skype is: Manos-Sx thanks
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