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  1. Thank you for delayed but the clear response. Let me see what offers do I have to buy this plugin on this black Friday festive offer.
  2. Hello Awesome MTS Guys, Congratulation for the release of WP Quiz pro. Few things I want to know about this. 1. Is there any option to create quizzes by users by social login.. Like what users can do on Playbuzz 2. Can we insert Images, Gifs, Videos in the results/options too like this: https://demo.ohmyqui...e-on-facebook/ 3. Do you have some buzzfeed like style like this: https://demo.ohmyqui...re-on-facebook/ 4. Under demo I noitced "Power By WP Quiz Pro" at the bottom of every quiz question. Can we remove that? 5. Is their any analytics to See how many people play our quizzes, and analyze their responses? 6. Can I save and read all the answers of our players? 7. Can I capture the email of each players ? 8. Can I force people to share their quiz to see result? 9. Suppose there is fquiz like " Which bollywood hero you look like?" and the user gets result as "Shahrukh Khan" and so here share his results on Facebook. Will it show the image of shahrukh khan on facebook as featured image or general image? I mean.. Do the shared featured image will be based on Result or it will be general? Please repond. Thank you
  3. Just added the name of David to show my appreciation for him as a highly capable and supportive MTS executive here along with Jitendra and MistaPrime. Thank you MTS Cheers, Nitesh
  4. I am an old MyThemeShop customer and love to be so as it indicates that I have been with the best buddies of WordPress theme developers industries since long and hence I have seen only the golden days of best speed , responsive themes, and have experienced the best possible support system one could imagine. I don't think there was any such moment when I had to ask for any bugs, non-working codes or issues with the theme. No, never. Their themes never fail to perform and delight you.It's just that sometimes you want to modify things and this is the reason for which I interact with the support team. Sometimes I also asked them to made some changes that actually makes a whole new UI out of it, where even I don't think that they will reply as they may say that it is out of their scope. But, fortunately, it never happened to me. They try their best to make things work. They don't seem to be driven by the money but by the love that we have for them. So, thank you... thank you very much MyThemeShop to be the way you are right now. PS: Special thanks to these two guys ( I think they are male )Most of the time, these two guys have solved my queries. They are very responsive and have usually responded within an hour with a solution. Hats off to both of you. Keep delighting us. Thank you Jitendraa and MistaPrime Update: 21-04-16 : In this las one week, I was dealing with some complex issues and some of my thread questions were forwarded to David.C and believe me , He is so good at solving complex issues. So, thank you David and thank you MTS
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