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  1. I have splash schema viral and best theme, considering getting lifestyle and a couple of others, but want to make sure they have good snippets code Which MTS themes have good schema/rich snippet support, or do now all MTS themes have it?
  2. To date I have purchased 5 themes and 1 plugin. After buying my first theme I had the usual questions about functionality and how I could tweak it to my taste. Support was very quick with helpful advice and working code snippets to customize my site. The fast response made me comfortable to buy more themes with the knowledge that all sorts of help was near at hand, and delivered in a friendly way . I have to say that the quality of support on Mythemeshop is outstanding and on a level substantially above that of the other theme clubs I have bought from, including Studiopress, Solostream, Elegant themes and several Theme Forest purchases. I am a happy customer. Thanks!
  3. Pre-sale question on theme BEST (tip to mods: I wanted to select "Best" from forum product dropdown list in posting interface..but it isn't there) Can theme best be boxed in a easy way (minimal css) so that the main container is white and set a background color? - Not with every section floating separte boxes like schema, I mean just one box for all of the content area, like traditional page website similar idea of http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=NewsMag
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