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  1. New Theme Design Feature Request

    Hello Please consider adding option to all new themes to choose: Options panel, Styling Options, "Boxed" layout yes/no
  2. The Typography tab keeps getting stuck. i've had this problem with Schema too. Some days it works, some days it just gets stuck.. Feature request for addition to version updates: preferably all themes.. Please add a button in theme option tab General Settings (not typography 'cause it wont open) to disable loading of Google fonts and only offer up the standard Typography palette. I've tried on multiple computers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, with and without adblockers, internet security turned off, even incognito mode. The fact remains that some days it works, and some days it does not. I don't have this problem with any other themes. Please,, a small button is all it takes to offer up an option to disable Google fonts and revert to standard formatting.
  3. I would like to see a recommended image size stated in the documentation of the themes. Since the aspect ratio is different depending on theme it can pose a bit of trial and error to get it right to avoid excessive cropping etc. I see that recommended size is hardcoded into admin for sliders etc, but even a hint in the documentation to a theme of what aspect ratio works best for featured images would be very helpful. For instance Onepage presents images that are 762 x 294 538 x 294 which are pretty specific measurements and require some research to figure out. Depending on how close you are to aspect ratio, uploading an image with wrong dimensions sometimes gets scaled, cropped correctly, sometimes inserted without filling the whole image field. Just a simple line in dokumentation that comes with theme: for theme xxxx we recommend using images 0000 x 000 or similar aspect ratio for best results would be time-saving, specially if you work with multiple themes, projects on the same day
  4. To date I have purchased 5 themes and 1 plugin. After buying my first theme I had the usual questions about functionality and how I could tweak it to my taste. Support was very quick with helpful advice and working code snippets to customize my site. The fast response made me comfortable to buy more themes with the knowledge that all sorts of help was near at hand, and delivered in a friendly way . I have to say that the quality of support on Mythemeshop is outstanding and on a level substantially above that of the other theme clubs I have bought from, including Studiopress, Solostream, Elegant themes and several Theme Forest purchases. I am a happy customer. Thanks!
  5. I second this. it could simply be just a dropdown link for each theme that simply lists only posts about that specific theme. it would be very helpful and avoid us users to make posts about issues that have already been solved (searching is not always accurate)
  6. Pre-sale question on theme BEST (tip to mods: I wanted to select "Best" from forum product dropdown list in posting interface..but it isn't there) Can theme best be boxed in a easy way (minimal css) so that the main container is white and set a background color? - Not with every section floating separte boxes like schema, I mean just one box for all of the content area, like traditional page website similar idea of
  7. Featured images are most often just used for listing on homepage, category etc, as in schema. When making short or simple posts, it would be nice to only have to set 1 image. One solution would be to be able to use the featured image inserted into single post (100% wide, top, just under heading) Adding a option to choose how featured images are used in the.. theme options- single post panel.. might be terrific. Another way could be to offer a choice right under the feature image set box in post admin tab. Here's a mockup of what I was thinking Using featured image as also post's main image is not uncommon out there and technically doable. I would love to see this feature in Schema, or as a addition to all themes through option panel
  8. I find the Best theme has everything one might need.. except Woocommerce support. I think with the design and catchy color settings of Best it would also translate very nicely into a shop option.
  9. I just noticed by chance that Schema has Woocommerce support built-in. I did not see this in any pre-sale info, so just a lucky ticket once I installed and did some testing. Suggestion: do indicate that Schema is Woocommerce compatible on the theme details page - it will probably boost sales for mythemeshop Also, can you please tel if any of the other themes currently available have Woocommerce support? Thanks
  10. So many nice themes! but just a few with mason homepages. I would like to see a masonry theme which has home and category pages in masonry format (pic + excerpt, not fixed grid) leading to the now standard non-paralax blog page format as seen in Onepage, Bookshelf etc Google images masonry theme examples regards Mike
  11. Feature request for Schema, perhaps all Add cache-control, maxage etc in header to optimize loadtimes