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  1. Web developers have a stressful enough job - (especially in the music business!) So, great, fast, and awesome customer support is VITAL to developers! This is especially the case within the WordPress paradigm, where literally tens of thousands of plugins and themes can collide to cause any sort of problem. When we do have the SELDOM problem or question with a MyThemeShop Theme, the forum for members is simply incredible. They're kind, courteous, and patient. Baseline: I can't recommend MyThemeShop enough. David Erik, ACAP/NSAI Creative Director Digital Designer, Web Developer, Producer, Songwriter Indie Islands indieislands-new-logo-and-pirate-2017.svg
  2. Learning CSS, PhP and Java at the same time may be hazardous to your health!

  3. We were amazed at the patience that Todd and MistaPrime had as they uncovered an obvious CSS edit that we should have seen to fix a template customization! They went above and beyond! Thanks for saving our CSS-Sanity as we looked in all the wrong places! Indie Islands
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