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  1. Looks like the issue has been resolved but I am seeing it in some browsers even after deleting the cache. I think I should see it till tomorrow. But, I also had deleted the redirections before posting it to you but it did not resolve the issue then. Moreover, you have deactivated the Redirections now. Should I keep it deactivated?
  2. Hi, Today I updated this plugin. After that I was doing routine post update on my blog. After publishing the post, it is just showing permanent redirection of 301 to my homepage. I am unable to open that post even from the permalink. This was a high ranking post on google. Can you guide me what may be the problem? Even from google results,it takes the visitors to homepage. I am leaving my login details there as asked by Bhanu Ahluwalia. The blog post showing the error is - Thank you.
  3. Hi, Uploaded through my cPanel account. Seems working somewhat fine. In SEO Analysis, it shows no plugin installed, no cache plugin installed, no social sharing option available, no facebook or google page connected etc although all the things are otherway around. Lets see how it goes in next few days. I m scared I don't loose any page rankings in google search engine I was having for some of my posts. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I tried to upload the plugin file but got error message that file size exceeds the maximum upload size for php.in Please help. Thank you.
  5. Taking a decision to go with Mythemeshop was the best thing to happen to me and my blog when I was lost in this blogoshere.I am using a splash theme and subscribe pro plugin from them and the results just start reflecting mere in days.That improved my blog ranking and look significantly and the subscriber list through the plugin is also increasing on daily basis. The awesomeness of mythemeshop just doesn't stop after selling their products.Their real work you see later on in the form of superb support.I am never good in dealing with websites and codings in web,just started blog for fun and they made these things so simple to me.Queries are solved in such a short time that before you login to your account to see reply from support team,the resolution is there in your inbox,waiting for you. I really love mythemeshop!
  6. The support provided by the staff is simply superb.I am really impressed and glad to be associated with mythemeshop.Queries are replied promptly and resolutions are easy to understand and follow.Thank You for awesome work.
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