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  1. hi they email me this link but this link also not working.it show me this message( "Sorry, this order is invalid and cannot be paid for") You can use the below invoice for resuming your old subscription: https://mythemeshop.com/checkout/order-pay/468415/?pay_for_order=true&key=wc_order_ABIch2gwcuFYh Thankyou Please help me thankyou in advance
  2. Hello MyThemeShop i was purchase Yearly subscription on dicount including access of all theme and plugins on 100$. but this year my payment i think cancel coz i change my card. so what i can do for now?i want to continue yearly subscription on discount. allready i was subscriber from last 2 years. Thankyou so much
  3. Hello MyThemeShop I want to change my theme look.Can you help me how i order for custmization or theme look i want to change? Did MyThemeShop providde facilty like this? Thanks
  4. Thankyou so much for your help MyThemeShop. Specially big thankx to all the developer moderators and all the team member who help us 24/7. Thankx once again
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