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  1. I uploaded the free version myself last night just to preview, and the free version is not very customizable. (At least not to the standard I have come to expect from Premium MTS themes). Which is fine, it's free. I really hate to point this out because I've used MTS themes frequently over the last few years and overall I've been very happy, but the placement of the features on SociallyViral is misleading. (I'm referring specifically to this page: https://mythemeshop.com/themes/sociallyviral-free/) The Pro features are listed between the free version description and demo and the free version features. And since the same color scheme is used for both, it is easy to miss that those features don't actually apply to the product on the page. Again, I'm not complaining about the theme. I appreciate the wide selection of free themes available. I will likely end up purchasing the pro version of SociallyViral, but I do want to point out that the upsell for a premium theme with the same name, logo, and color scheme in the middle of a page for the free version is extremely confusing.
  2. Hi there, I am considering the SociallyViral theme. I see there are two options: one free and one paid. I have read about them both and tried the demos and I am having a hard time seeing the difference. Would you mind pointing out the obvious differences that I am missing? Also, if I were to start with the free version to make sure I like it but then decided to go with the paid version, would I need to reinstall and configure the paid version all over again? Or would I just update the theme? (The only clear difference I can see is the version numbers.) And lastly, in regard to all of the themes, are there any that are significantly faster than others? I am drawn to SociallyViral because it is light but I'd love to get an idea of similar themes that will load as quickly as possible. In the past I've tried MagXP, Schema, and Splash. (These are all great themes by the way, I just am drawn to the SV layout.) Thanks!
  3. I'm considering purchasing the MagXP theme. My concern is that our logo will be too large for the logo area in the theme. What I would like to do, is add a banner above the menu with our logo while using the logo area for additional menu options. If that's a doable solution, I'm sold. (MagXP wasn't available in the product options, but it wouldn't let me post without selecting a product. I selected Splash at random. Hope that doesn't confuse anyone.)
  4. Jumping in on this thread because I also have a pre-sale question about Splash AND it's the theme I currently use. Because I have already purchased Splash, do I need to pay the $9 for the v2 or is there somewhere I can just update my current theme? Also, in the email I received it said that v2 supported WooCommerce but the demo doesn't have a shopping cart like all of the other WooCommerce themes do. Am I just looking in the wrong place? @mikehuff my web address is ScootersScootersParts.com. We write about ATV repairs and maintenance. We are in the process of adding tool reviews and will hopefully be adding an online store. If you would like to contact me, I'd love to chat about the pros and cons. If you decide to go with Splash, it would be nice to have contact with someone using the same theme.
  5. Hi. I downloaded the new Point theme and have been researching the premium theme. I currently use Splash but am looking at Frontpage. Today I went to download and it says the coupon code I was given is invalid? Did it expire? I don't remember seeing an expiration date. Thanks.
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