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  1. I've been using MyThemeShop templates for some time now. Every time I have had a question or issue, they are here to help, often going way above and beyond what might be expected. Sometimes there are little things I'd like to change, sometimes there are items I just can't figure out...it doesn't matter. The support team is glad to assist. My most recent testament to this happened with a big upgrade to my preferred theme. There were a couple small things that happened during this process and the MTS support crew was there to help. Even to the point of actually making changes for me. This is great! A big thank you to David C and all the others who assisted in this process. Site is back up and running the way I wanted it. Thanks again! Mike www.316press.com
  2. Thank you Dr. I can appreciate that many people will not like advertising what they consider to be a competitive advantage. Some might be open to it however thus the suggestion. I love the sale price on Splash right now. I've been burned so much by other themes in the past I've reached a point of being super cautious. From GPP, to some Joomla based stuff, to custom stuff...still not where we need it to go. Its always the little details that make a difference. the site I am trying to update is www.316press.com We need a better, more responsive approach with flexibility to grow. Zero funding behind this effort so with everything out of pocket we are even more cautious. I really wish I could have caught the recent special to get a premium theme when downloading a free one. That was awesome. We are heavily media based so that integration is important as you would imagine. We are also doing more reviews and will integrate forums at some point. This is why Splash caught my eye. Thanks again for the support.
  3. Thanks for the link. It would be great if there was a section for people to see the themes in action. Demos are great, but very limiting. I'll send you a note via your site.
  4. What are the formatted media sizes for this template? Thumb? Medium? Large? Can you share a link to documentation so I can better understand some of the options like this? For example, in the demo page I'd really LE to know the media size in the slider on top. Thanks
  5. Okay, so the answer is no. I have of course seen demo page for each, but at has its limits too. Real world is best to see. I've been digging around some but since I cannot see any of the premium theme forum content it seems my options are limited. Maybe you could add a section for people to specifically let people show off their sites? Thanks for the quick response.
  6. Is there a link somewhere that I may be missing to see actual sites built on your (premium) themes? I'd like to see some real world examples before purchasing anything. I'm extra cautious because I spent a fair amount on a premium "forever" membership, but its not shaping out to be what I thought. I'm afraid it was money not well spent so I'm digging deeper this time. I like what I see on the surface, but that won't cut it. Also love the super sale on Splash right now but any spend has to be cautious because I'm running a Non profit site generating zero income. Appreciate any direction you can provide.
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