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  4. Hello, Thank you for your kind words, we are really happy to know that you are satisfied with our services.
  5. They really do their jobs professionally. I congratulate the entire Mytheme team. I wish their success continued. 😊
  6. Hello, thank you for your answer. Your answer was probably about the timer feature. What about my second question ? How much can I customize what is shared on Facebook or twitter ? After clicking on "share" at the end of the quizz, I want the Facebook message over the link : "I did 5/10 on this quizz, try it !" Thanks
  7. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. The plugin does not have this feature you have mentioned. It can only show the number of correct answers upon setup but to show the time, the plugin have no such feature. Thank you.
  8. Hi, The size of an image can be modified once uploaded to the quiz but it will require a CSS modification. Thanks,
  9. Hi, I would like to buy the PRO version for my client but I need to know if it fits his requirements : - Is that possible to show a timer while the quizz is answered (but without a specific time defined). At the end of the quizz it will say : "Wonderful you have 5/10 and answered the quizz in 4 minutes and 13 seconds" - At the end of the quizz , I want the sharing button to share on FB or Twitter "I did 5/10 in 4 minutes, do you want to challenge me ?" - and not just sharing the URL of the quizz (this is what I saw in the demo ) Thank you
  10. So it's not a function built into the plugin? Can you resize the image once it's uploaded into the question? If so, how? Anyone?
  11. Hello Shawn, We really appreciate you taking the time to write us a testimonial, thank you. Our team is looking forward to see your business grow and we hope to be able to help you again. Thank you for choosing MyThemeShop.
  12. The support team has been phenomenal!! It was going to cost me almost a 1,000 for what I wanted to accomplish but with the support team at MyThemeShop, its only cost me a few bucks for the theme and a little time plugging in code. Amazing support team and speedy responses. Thanks so much!! SW
  13. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. Yes, it is possible to add a question without an image. We won't be able to troubleshoot those issues for you without a support licence. We would love to sort that for you. But, for that, please follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial: https://community.mythemeshop.com/tutorials/article/52-confirming-a-plugin-conflict/ If the problem is not a bug with our product and you are still looking for help, please opt for our support plan, which costs just $9/year and gives you access to our premium support: Premium Support For Just $9/year Once purchased, please open a new support ticket by following this tutorial: https://community.mythemeshop.com/topic/19872-read-first-support-policy-for-free-themes/ We handle all our theme/plugin related help through our support ticket system. One of our moderators will definitely help you. You do not need to register separately for posting tickets, you can just log in to your member account on MyThemeShop, and you will be logged in automatically in the ticket system. Or, you can log in with your MyThemeShop username and password on the ticket system too. Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  14. Was this question ever answered? I would like to create questions without images. When there is a question without a loaded image, the question has a large empty space before the question and answer choices appear which doesn't look good. Also, when a image is added, the image is too large which causes the user to scroll to see the answer choices which inconvenient for the user. So my second question is how to resize the image to avoid the above-mentioned problem.
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  16. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. Yes, you can use the Ad-sense theme and add a slider into it. You can use a slider plugin. Once you purchase the theme open a support ticket and our support staff will tell you in which file to add your plugin's code for the slider. Does that help? Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  17. Hi guys I'm looking for a new layout for my blog. The new theme must have 2 tools: Ad-Blocker Detector Home Slider I was wondering if it's possibile to add an home slider to "Ad Sense" theme and which are your other themes that already have an Ad-Blocker Detector installed by default. By the way, it would be cool to have and option to search among your themes by tool and not only "Last ones"/ "Most popular". Thank you. Daniele
  18. Hello, Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to write a testimonial. We really appreciate that and are looking forward to help you again. Thank you.
  19. Hello, No, there is no way to show them at once. You can show them on the same page but one after another. For example, 5 reviews from Google, then 5 reviews from Yelp, then 5 from FB and so on. Thank you.
  20. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. We can see a refund was already been initiated for the transaction. Feel free to let us know if you need anything else in future. Thank you for using MyThemeShop.
  21. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes. You can use the plugin with your theme without any issues. Thank you.
  22. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. Currently the plugin does not have the feature to integrate HubSpot form with the plugin. We'll add a note about this to our Development team to consider this. Thank you.
  23. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. The shortcode won't work this way. You need to add it inside the page/post editor to make it work. Thank you.
  24. Hi, i have to re-learn wordpress and some simple things just go right by me. My question was responded and solved in about 12hrs... real nice Not to mention the free 31 video tutorials and where to further my understanding when i asked. Super helpful. Keep it up
  25. How to get refund for the theme? I didn't cancel my subscription and the amount got deducted. Please tell me how to cancel and get my refund back
  26. Hi Team, I am planning to purchase WP Quiz pro plugin and want to use it alongside Bimber theme hence i kindly request you to let me know if both of these products are compatible to each other. Link to Bimber https://bimber.bringthepixel.com/main/ Thanks and Regards, Azar
  27. Hi, I would like to integrate a HubSpot sign up form with the content locker, so that site visitors will be able to subscribe to the marketing list and later gain access to the post. Can this be done?
  28. Hi, I am trying to use the do_shortcode function in a template to add the shortcode. <?php echo do_shortcode('[signinlocker id="1234"]');?> <?php the_content(); ?> <?php echo do_shortcode('[/signinlocker]');?> Can you confirm if this works and if I am doing it the right way? It doesn't seem to be working for me. Thanks
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