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[Splash] importing database to review list


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We are looking at using the Splash template for a review site.  We need to import a list of approximately 17,000 places that people can then review.  Three questions:

Will the review plugin and Splash template work with a database of that size?

Each location within the database will have approximately 12 fields of information including contact info as well as a about 6 fields with numbers in them. 

If there is an import feature, is there a way to customize the number of fields and label them?

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Guest Mladen.i


Sorry for the late reply.

WP Review and Splash theme should work fine with large database, there is no reason not to as long as WordPress is working fine.

Unfortunately there is no any built in import feature in WP Review plugin but you can use some plugin for that, like WP All Import. I am not sure what you are planning to do with additional fields you've mentioned but I think you can import the fields to be displayed here http://take.ms/GfIPk using WP All Import as this items are stored as post meta http://take.ms/o6Evw.

Please search for appropriate import plugin first and if you decide to use WP Review plugin let us know if you need help with mapping post meta keys.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

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